More Images From The Sardine Run – An Ode To Sharkiness

22 07 2009

Thanks to everyone who added so many wonderful comments to my initial post of Sardine Run underwater images! I promised more, so here are a handful of shark-focused images. Again, this was just simply an amazing experience!


T_JPH2134-500The expedition participants.

Still more to come, stay tuned!



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22 07 2009
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22 07 2009
Jamie Lapeyrolerie

The third image is so spooky – I love it! Great shots!

23 07 2009
Terri Roberts

I’m “electrified” by your images of the Sardine Run! Can’t wait to participate…….

23 07 2009
Meredith Hale

Wow! Please keep the photos coming….


23 07 2009
Ila France Porcher

Absolutely magnificent images, Jason. If there is ever a way I can find to go myself, I will. You just inspired me!

With warm wishes,

13 10 2009
aviram avigal

go on dude….amazing photos,each one of them !!!

10 07 2010
Live From South Africa … Sardine Run « Jason Heller Photography Blog

[…] yet experience the epic level activity from last year (check out these posts: sardine run 1, sardine run 2, sardine run 3), it’s been active, albeit in limited visibility water. I have one more week […]

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