Music Embodied in Image

22 08 2009

I made this image after having to cancel a very creative underwater shoot due to weather. Needing to let my creative juices flow, I turned my to-be-assistant for the day into a model. We cobbled the styling together and shot this indoors (obviously), and I added the accents in post. The entire process took 3 hours, from concept to post. The concept was to convey the essence, spirit and soul of music. So what do you think? Did we nail it?




4 responses

28 10 2009

I Looove this yellow shining so much.
Actually i sing, I mean as a singer sometimes, and feel musical soul from this image. Maybe he was listening good music??
Well, I came from Model Mahem’s advertisement.
It’s nice to see you. I really like&admire your works, wonderful.
Greetings from Tokyo Japan.

28 10 2009
Jason Heller

Thanks Eriko, appreciate it

13 07 2010
Ali Olaes

Hey Jason!

I definitely feel like you did! You can feel the soul emulating through the image, and the yellow really punches the intensity. Wonderful work!

Ali Olaes

13 07 2010
Jason Heller

Thanks Ali

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