Photographing The Ocean’s Apex Predator

3 09 2010

I just returned from Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, where I led a group of underwater photographers on an expedition to photograph great white sharks. This was definitely one of the more unique underwater photography expeditions that I have led over the last several years. These are graceful, powerful and humbling creatures to be in the water with. Here is an initial taste of the action.

underwater photograph great white shark

great white shark underwater photography

underwater great white shark

Great white shark underwater

great white shark



6 responses

3 09 2010
Mark DiMassimo

Wow, Jason! Beautiful shots!!! And scary, no?


3 09 2010
Jason Heller

Thanks Mark – we’re in a cage (well most of the time), and these animals are not out to hurt us, so not scary at all. Very graceful and beautiful (but respectable) creatures.

3 09 2010
Dan Peters

Hi Jason
I think these photos the best shark shots I ever saw. I am a bit scared for your safety . Please tell me you are safe!
Your Uncle

4 09 2010
Jason Heller

Thanks, yes of course – in a cage and protected (for the most part). Was an amazing experience

16 02 2011
Jamie rhind


Magnificent photos. And probably even more graphic memories

16 02 2011
Jason Heller

Thanks Jamie. Definitely one of the most memorable!

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