Day 43 of 365: My Sexy Valentine

13 02 2010

I’m so lucky to have the most beautiful, loving, warm, special woman in my life. She’s my wife, my best friend, my partner in this adventure we call life. I love you mi amor. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sexy Valentine

Day 36 of 365: Jedi Status Update

7 02 2010

Because even Jedi masters need to get their social networking on…

Yoda on Facebook

Since I know I will get emails asking for a bigger copy of Yoda’s Facebook page, here you go! (click the image to see it larger)

Yoda's Facebook Page

Day 29 of 365: Lions, Tigers and Bears B-Boy Battle

31 01 2010

Just having some fun for a quick Saturday evening shoot…

Lion, Tiger, Bear, B-Boy Battle

Day 23 of 365: Bounty Hunter

25 01 2010

Tribute to the baddest character in all of the Star Wars series, Boba Fett. (No I’m not a Star Wars geek – just an 80’s kid)

Bounty Hunter

An 11 second video clip on the setup (sorry for the quality of the video, but you can clearly see the setup)

Day 20 of 365: Possible Recovery of a Great Disturbance in the Force

22 01 2010

Frustrated with the economy we are. A lot of talk of recovery there is.

Yoda Finance

Day 10 of 365: I Might Open My Eyes and Find Someone Standing There

12 01 2010

When I’m in the shower, I’m afraid to wash my hair
‘Cause I might open my eyes, And find someone standing there
People say I’m crazy, Just a little touch
But maybe showers remind me, Of Psycho too much

Monster Mash

Day 7 of 365: Orange Juice Massacre

9 01 2010

Today’s image is a series. It’s a story of the orange juice massacre of 2010. (It was too cold to do the outdoor shoot I wanted tonight, so here is my ode to “How It’s Made: Orange Juice”.) Welcome to the adventures of RambO-J.

Commence Evasive Maneuvers

I Aint Goin' Down Like That (RambO-J)

The Tables Are Turned...Put Your Hands on Your Rind

LOTS of Pulp, Bitch!

It's All Over, Orange Juice Happens