Underwater Geisha Images Feature in German Dive Magazine

21 10 2009

My underwater Geisha series was featured as a main 6 page spread in the largest dive magazine in Europe this month – the German magazine Unterwasser. This particular dive magazine always has outstanding photography, and although I don’t understand the words, I enjoy browsing through it regularly because of the imagery. I hope this month that the readers of Unterwasser enjoy my conceptual underwater photography.





Underwater Goddess

8 09 2009

We all have chains of some sort holding us back in life. The beautiful underwater goddess looks to the light as she plans her emergence from the chains that bind her…

Underwater Goddess

Underwater Photography Has Never Been This Exciting

24 08 2009

The folks over at  This Blog Rules, have a very cool “Creative Stuff” section (officially added to my RSS feeds). Recently they posted a peice called “Underwater Photography Has Never Been This Exciting“, which has been circulating around the blogosphere and social media circles lately. It’s a great collection of some very creative conceptual and fashion underwater photography from some excellent photographers. I’m proud that they have included a few of my images (including the image below, which I had yet to post here) – thanks guys.


I know most of the other photographers, except for one. Included are UK based commercial underwater photographers Zena Holloway and Candice, Alix Malka (who apparently only shot underwater for this one assignment – but what an assignment it was, the styling was just beyond amazing and the images speak for themselves). Elena Kalis (who embarked on an unber creative Alice in Wonderland series with her daughter as Alice), Barbara Cole (very successful US based underwater photographer), and Sarah Lee (the only photographer I don’t know personally – she’s an 18 year old photography student who apparently has a bright career ahead of her – made me feel a bit old).

It’s not often that I feature or link to others’ work on this blog, but in this case it was warranted – check out the post at This Blog Rules – Great work all around!

Music Embodied in Image

22 08 2009

I made this image after having to cancel a very creative underwater shoot due to weather. Needing to let my creative juices flow, I turned my to-be-assistant for the day into a model. We cobbled the styling together and shot this indoors (obviously), and I added the accents in post. The entire process took 3 hours, from concept to post. The concept was to convey the essence, spirit and soul of music. So what do you think? Did we nail it?


Underwater Geisha – Part 3

4 05 2009

Another image from the “Underwater Geisha” series. This is one of my favorite images of 2009 so far.  I enjoy pushing underwater photography as far as it can go. Stay tuned for more…

© Jason Heller

Underwater Geisha – Part 2

1 05 2009

Image #2 of the “Underwater Geisha” series – a beautiful underwater reflection.© Jason Heller

Underwater Geisha – Part 1

30 04 2009

I’ve recently been working with this fantastic model in NYC, Masae. We will be working on a series on underwater conceptual shoots, here is part one of a small series that I have informally been calling “Underwater Geisha”.

Underwater Geisha - Jason Heller