Music Embodied in Image

22 08 2009

I made this image after having to cancel a very creative underwater shoot due to weather. Needing to let my creative juices flow, I turned my to-be-assistant for the day into a model. We cobbled the styling together and shot this indoors (obviously), and I added the accents in post. The entire process took 3 hours, from concept to post. The concept was to convey the essence, spirit and soul of music. So what do you think? Did we nail it?


Underwater Geisha – Part 3

4 05 2009

Another image from the “Underwater Geisha” series. This is one of my favorite images of 2009 so far.  I enjoy pushing underwater photography as far as it can go. Stay tuned for more…

© Jason Heller

Underwater Geisha – Part 2

1 05 2009

Image #2 of the “Underwater Geisha” series – a beautiful underwater reflection.© Jason Heller

Underwater Geisha – Part 1

30 04 2009

I’ve recently been working with this fantastic model in NYC, Masae. We will be working on a series on underwater conceptual shoots, here is part one of a small series that I have informally been calling “Underwater Geisha”.

Underwater Geisha - Jason Heller

NYC Fashion Shoot – A Quick Glimpse Behind The Scenes

20 01 2009

Here is a quick glimpse of a photo shoot we did in NYC with a great model, Masae. Final images coming soon!

The Christmas Crusaders – A Unique Shoot For The Holidays

26 12 2008

What better way to etch an indelible memory of a family holiday than to create an image that nobody will forget. So I forced convinced Wendy’s family to pose for this cool conceptual shot (thanks guys, you were all troopers). What is the concept you ask? Well, I was going for something out of a comic book.  For now the temporary name is “The Christmas Crusaders?” But I’m taking better suggestions – hit the comments below…

The Christmas Crusaders

The Christmas Crusaders

The Christmas crusaders (from left to right) are : Terrence, Cory, Me, Wendy, Jorge, Kelvin.

Happy holidays everyone!