Holidays With The NY Underwater Photographic Society

5 12 2008

When you’re into such a specific niche like underwater photography, it’s always nice to find birds of a feather to hang out with. That’s why we started the NYUPS in April of 2007, which has grown to a loosely defined group of about 200 with a hardcore group of about 50 local underwater photographers from NY, NJ, CT and PA, who come together once a month to network and discuss underwater photography. On Dec 2nd we hosted  a small holiday party, which was a lot of fun.

Every so often we host a big event, such as the David Doubilet event in March of 2008, where we get over 200 attendees and fill a really nice theater. I’m really happy to be able to spend time with others that share my unique passion for underwater imagery. If you’re in the tri-state area and want to come to one of our monthly meetings, there is no cost, and the website is built on a social networking platform you can participate from afar as well. Hope to see you online or at an event!

NYUPS Holiday Party At Arctica Bar & GRill in NYC  [© Jason Heller]

NYUPS Holiday Party At Arctica Bar & Grill in NYC © Jason Heller