Mixed Emotions About Sushi – Except When Shooting It

11 10 2008

As an underwater photographer who has a love for the creatures and beauty of life in the ocean, I have major mixed emotions about sushi. I love sushi, but have been very selective on which types I eat due to the environmental threats to species like Tuna – yes Tuna – they’re almost gone folks! Especially “Toro” or the fatty Tuna, which comes from Blue Fin, the most threatened of all the world Tuna species.

Anyway, we were eating in our local sushi spot the other day and I was watching the owner struggle with her little point & shoot camera to capture the beauty of a particular sashimi dish the chef just made. I happened to have my D3 and two speedlights with me, so I offered to shoot it for her. I arranged a nice background and voila – not bad for 10 minutes during lunch. We’re going to schedule a full blown photo shoot now to capture all the amazing sushi art that this particular chef creates. he is truly skilled!