Day 32 of 365: Bar Scene

3 02 2010

Potential images are all around us. As I was sitting across the bar enjoying a cocktail and some good company before the New York Underwater Photographic Society meeting at Arctica Bar, the colors and warmth of this NYC bar scene called upon me. Tripod deployed mid-drink, 5 shot HDR exposure, in the can.

Arctica Bar - New York City

Day 31 of 365: Stairs to The Sky

2 02 2010

Kicking off the second month of the year with a symbolic image. Climbing upward…towards the sky.

NYC Stairs

Day 30 of 365: One Month Done!

1 02 2010

I made it to one month. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far. Your support is the encouragement I need. Now if I can only invent a few extra hours everyday! This first month has set the stage for a couple of themes for the remainder of the project. Most notably – nighttime HDR in NYC! This shot is very random, as I had to force myself to get a shot for today. So one month down, eleven to go! Stay tuned…


Day 27 of 365: Dream in Shades of Blue

29 01 2010

Continuing on my photographic journey of unique NYC images, the Dream Hotel under a blue moon, doused in blue lights, on a night when I was singing the blues…

Dream in Shades of Blue

Day 26 of 365: Two Icons, Ten Exposures

27 01 2010

Today I’m posting two images. Obviously both HDR, but very different vibes. I set out to shoot a unique image of the Chrysler building. It’s probably my favorite icon in the NYC skyline. The top image is my favorite from the shoot, but it had a very similar vibe to yesterday’s image, so I included a second shot just to mix it up a bit. The bottom image was actually shot about one hour or so prior, just during sunset. It’s also in the spirit of Obama’s State of The Union address tonight.

Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building NYC

I’m really getting into the NYC images. I’ll try and mix it up, but it is my go-to when I don’t have time to prepare for something conceptual or fashion related. NYC is a big place with a million image possibilities, and I’m getting some great feedback, so I guess I can’t go wrong with it.

Day 25 of 365: New York in Motion

27 01 2010

New York New York, big city of dreams,
And everything in New York ain’t always what it seems,
You might get fooled if you come from out of town,
But I’m down by law and I know my way around.
– Grandmaster Flash

New York Smoker

Day 22 of 365: Sunset on the Irish Famine Memorial

23 01 2010

The ruins of an Irish stone cottage sit in downtown Manhattan on a half acre memorial to the Irish potato famine from the 1840’s.  The memorial sits on an elevated half acre of land, which symbolizes the criteria of food aid relief during the famine. Anyone with at least a half an acre of land received no food aid. It’s the dead of winter in NYC right now. While this site is an interesting step outside of NYC, right in the heart of the city, expect me to do this site again in the summer when the flora is alive and prolific.

Irish Hunger Memorial Garden

Day 21 of 365: Light Painting Sculpture

23 01 2010

This is somewhat of a filler image. Trying to find time to plan and shoot every day is becoming taxing, and I’m not even at one full month. I painted the blue into this sculpture with a series of colored flashes over a long shutter duration. Not one of my masterpieces, but it works.

New York Sculpture

Day 19 of 365: Gotham City’s Grimy Face

20 01 2010

Yesterday’s image was Gotham’s clean face … today is Gotham’s grimy one. I had went out late night/early morning to capture another side of my beloved NYC.

Grimy Gotham City

Day 18 of 365: Gotham City’s Clean Face

20 01 2010

I’ve been really enjoying putting my perspective of New York into this 365 project. Shooting NYC has not been something I have ever spent a lot of time doing. I spend far more time with underwater photography, although ironically I spend far more time physically in New York. Today and tomorrow I plan on showing two faces of NYC. Today is Gotham City’s clean face…

Gotham Night