What’s Your Color IQ?

25 02 2010

Thanks to my buddy Eric Cheng for putting me onto this fun color IQ test. I got a perfect score, yeah!

Color IQ

What’s your Color IQ?

What Underwater Photographers Do When Not Underwatwer

14 09 2008

Something about water always draws me in, usually quite literally. – diving in scuba gear or in a pool. But today I’m sitting at home with no access to the ocean, a pool, models, or anything underwater. So while I was admiring some strawberries for breakfast this morning, I decided to incorporate one of them into a quick underwater studio shot. The original idea was to fill a glass halfway with vodka and drop the strawberry in. I figured that something about the viscosity of vodka would look cooler than the water, but it was early in the morning and I wasn’t about to drink the vodka after the shot, so I just went with water rather than wasting half a glass of Kettle One or Gray Goose. Cheers!

In a New York State of Mind

23 08 2008

These days I always carry a few speedlights and light stands around in the car – just in case.

Ironically, as we were on the way to get some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, I saw this stone wall and thought it would make a great background, especially with a colored gel for the background. Wendy was wearing her Brooklyn sweatshirt and NY Yankees cap, and it all clicked.

Shot with 3 Nikon speedlights, 1 colored gel, 3 light stands, and many funny looks from Brooklyn bypassers…

NY State of Mind

NY State of Mind

NY State of Mind

NY State of Mind

Kicking Off The New Website & Blog

18 08 2008

At what point does a person manage too many websites and blogs? Maybe when you realize that it’s 7:55am and you have been up all night working online and haven’t went to sleep yet? Nah! A little sleep deprivation never killed anybody???

Anyway – welcome to my newest blog, dedicated to my photographic journey and adventures. I will try to keep it fairly up to date, but recommend that you sign up for the RSS feed so that you can receive updates as they are sporadically published – from the road, from the studio, from internet cafes in paradise, from my mobile device on runways, or wherever the lens and work takes me. Hang on for the ride, I’ll try to keep it interesting!