Fashion Shoot – Images

13 04 2009

In January I posted a short behind the scenes video from a fashion shoot I did in NYC with a great model I’m working with – Masae. I never posted any of the final images, I figured I’d take the chance to do so now.  Hope you enjoy…



Underwater Photo Shoot – Modern Angel

8 09 2008

It gets too cold in New York to shoot in an outdoor pool past September, so I just booked an indoor pool every Sunday for the next 3 months. Stay tuned for more underwater fashion and advertising shoots this fall and winter. Until then, join me in reflecting on my last underwater shoot…

Modern Underwater Angel

Modern Underwater Angel

Ok, I Had To Try The “Dave Hill” Look

25 08 2008

Gotta pay homage where it’s due and Dave Hill has a kick ass style from his lighting to his post processing. There’s a bunch of info out there on how to get “the Dave Hill look”, but I chose a different method. Not quite there yet – but guarantee I’ll figure it out, not to replicate another photographer’s style, but just as an exercise in lighting and post processing skills. Dave if you’re reading this – serious props – you have mastered your style brother!

Anyway, here’s my first attempt. Granted – a little over processed – the lighting is tight and it’s a great shot without the processing, but I am trying to nail this…. I will update the blog next week with more.