Day 8 of 365: Home Alone

10 01 2010

I was recently thinking that I needed a new headshot, and it is still way too cold out to shoot comfortably…so here is the result. I added a texture overlay in photoshop. The white smokey looking haze on the left was from a smoke machine. It didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, so expect the smoke machine to creep into an image or two in the next week or so.

Jason Heller

Fashion Shoot – Images

13 04 2009

In January I posted a short behind the scenes video from a fashion shoot I did in NYC with a great model I’m working with – Masae. I never posted any of the final images, I figured I’d take the chance to do so now.  Hope you enjoy…



NYC Fashion Shoot – A Quick Glimpse Behind The Scenes

20 01 2009

Here is a quick glimpse of a photo shoot we did in NYC with a great model, Masae. Final images coming soon!