Day 42 of 365: Gorgeous Luna in the Snow

13 02 2010

Having no time to shoot today, and a playful dog who had to be in the snow every hour on the hour to enjoy herself, today’s image beckoned to be created. The tongue was a bonus precious moment.

Luna Snow Dog

Day 40 of 365: Blizzards Are For The Birds

10 02 2010

The northeast blizzard of 2010 is upon us. As I was driving back from an errand I was mesmerized by the dense falling snow. I had to stop when I saw this flock of seagulls (no 80’s reference intended) braving the weather. It must suck to be a seagull in the snow…but they didn’t look phased. A reminder of how nature is both beautiful and brutal at the same time.

Seagulls in the Snow