The Perfect Underwater Reflection

10 04 2009

I always set out to create unique images, which as any photographer knows, particularly underwater – is easier said than done. To me what sets aside a iconic image from a great image is the uniqueness factor. Sometimes when the opportunity presents itself, the split second decisions you make can create that unique image, and on my expedition to Socorro, I had one of those moments and created the perfect reflection image.


The image is a reflection in a bubble of divers above me getting into the panga. What I particularly enjoy about this image is that you can see the details of the ripples of the ocean surface above and also the snell’s window created by the refraction of light underwater. You can also see the reflection of me and my strobe arms on the near edge of the bubble.

My First Underwater Whale Encounter

6 04 2009

I led an underwater photography expedition to¬† Socorro during humpback calving season, and now I am totally hooked after my first underwater encounter. It was one elusive encounter. The whales were all around us frolicking on the surface – we could hear their beautiful songs underwater, in some cases they sounded like they were all around us, but yet outside of sight. It was a magical experience. Then we had the chance of snorkeling with this calf and its mother (you can see the mother’s face behind the calf, it was huge). I had only a few seconds to get the shot and the calf was emerging from slightly murky water at depth.


While not the best image in the world, it is a precursor for more to come. I am hooked and plan to dive with these leviathans in Tonga next year to get the shallow close encounters required to get the images I really want. Words can’t describe the awe of swimming next to these large animals.