Day 16 of 365: Abstract Blue

18 01 2010

File this one under “if at first you don’t succeed…summon your inner MacGyver”. Today’s image is an outtake from the shoot I actually set out to create. Take a moment with the image prior to reading the description below of what it is.

Abstract Blue Circles

So here’s the back story – I was going to create a macro image of color infusing into a viscus substance, but the base oil was too thick and the food coloring didn’t mix at all. As I watched the color bead up at the bottom of the glass, I created a small set to shoot it. The result is this abstract image full of concentric and non-concentric circles, and shades of blue.

Day 4 of 365: Water Droplet

5 01 2010

Had to try out this technique, so this was my first attempt. Expect me to get the hang of this and really have fun creating some unique images.