Sardine Run Images Hitting Newspapers In The UK & Worldwide

12 10 2009

Newspapers and magzines will begin publishing some of my Sardine Run images this week. So far I saw it in UK based Telegraph, The Sun and Daily Mail . I have released some images that were previously not posted publicly yet, including a full body image of a Brydes Whale and some feeding dolphin and shark images.





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12 10 2009
christopher east

Really well done Jason – top quality shots and some pretty top quality (some of them!) newspapers to boot!

keep it up, man….

all the best


12 10 2009
jens kuhfs

I have dreamed from this kind of images. I was many times in south africa, but I got nothing ! GREAT WORK Jason !

13 10 2009

Yeah, I found out about you from

Just out of curiosity do you ever provide download links for these images that are large enough to be used as desktop backgrounds? Some of these would make awesome backgrounds.

23 12 2009
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