Day 26 of 365: Two Icons, Ten Exposures

27 01 2010

Today I’m posting two images. Obviously both HDR, but very different vibes. I set out to shoot a unique image of the Chrysler building. It’s probably my favorite icon in the NYC skyline. The top image is my favorite from the shoot, but it had a very similar vibe to yesterday’s image, so I included a second shot just to mix it up a bit. The bottom image was actually shot about one hour or so prior, just during sunset. It’s also in the spirit of Obama’s State of The Union address tonight.

Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building NYC

I’m really getting into the NYC images. I’ll try and mix it up, but it is my go-to when I don’t have time to prepare for something conceptual or fashion related. NYC is a big place with a million image possibilities, and I’m getting some great feedback, so I guess I can’t go wrong with it.



One response

31 01 2010

Love the dedication……love your photos…..recommending this blog to several photog friends!

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