Fashion Shoot – Images

13 04 2009

In January I posted a short behind the scenes video from a fashion shoot I did in NYC with a great model I’m working with – Masae. I never posted any of the final images, I figured I’d take the chance to do so now.  Hope you enjoy…





8 responses

13 04 2009
Shawn H

That is super cool. Buck Rogers, meets Mad Max and a little Escape from New York! Keep it up and again, super cool!

14 04 2009

This is so beautiful! thanks for sharing. maybe I should have you take my picture…think I could look like that HAHHAHA. 🙂 you are awesome!
Scuba Diver Girl Margo

14 04 2009

That are really great shoots. Hope be become good as you. I just start playing with my new E-330 Olympus camera.

15 04 2009
Jason Heller

Thanks guys – we’re actually working on an underwater shoot together soon, stay tuned!

21 04 2009
J. Rubenstein

Love it, wow, the lighting is superb!

1 02 2010
Charissa Cooper

Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great break from the books,

20 04 2010

Love the shoes

4 03 2011

Thanks for thist post..

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