Underwater Geisha – Part 1

30 04 2009

I’ve recently been working with this fantastic model in NYC, Masae. We will be working on a series on underwater conceptual shoots, here is part one of a small series that I have informally been calling “Underwater Geisha”.

Underwater Geisha - Jason Heller



3 responses

26 02 2010
Erica H

I was just browsing underwater images online as inspiration for an art piece I’m working on and stumbled upon your Geisha collection. Intrigued, I looked on, and I’ve gotta say I LOVE this one. The flowy fabric around the model’s face is such a great touch, and your contrast is great, giving this illusion of almost smoke… and I don’t know if it’s just me, but those little bubbles that linger around her face are so cool!
anyways, great work! just wanted to say that. Keep it up =)

26 02 2010
Jason Heller

Thanks Erica!

19 11 2010

hi jason…ur photos are amazing, how do you do this?to get a black bacground… the lighting….. shooting at night
….great work….

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